Pacific Whiting Annual Harvest Specifications and Allocations for 2016

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The National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) announces the U.S. Pacific whiting Total Allowable Catch (TAC) for 2016 is 367,553 metric tons (mt).  2016 harvest specifications and allocations are as follows:

Tribal Allocation:                               64,322 mt
Research and Bycatch set-aside:       1,500 mt.
Harvest Guideline (HG):                    301,731mt.
Regulations at 50 CFR 660.55 (f)(2) allocate the HG among the non-tribal catcher/processor, mothership, and shorebased sectors of the 2016 Pacific whiting fishery are as follows:
Catcher/Processor Coop Program:      102,589 mt (34%).
Mothership Coop Program:                 72,415 mt (24%).
Shorebased IFQ Program:                  126,727.11 mt (42%).
This rule can be found by searching for docket number 160126053-6398-02 at  After publication, this rule can also be found on the NMFS website at:

For the shorebased sector, NMFS plans to add Pacific whiting and Pacific halibut quota pounds to quota share accounts immediately, and add surplus carryover pounds to vessel accounts in June. Once these pounds have been added, NMFS will post a message on the IFQ homepage to notify account owners.

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